Xiaomi’s Electric Game-Changer: Over 88,000 Orders in a Single Day!

The electric vehicle market receives a jolt as 's first EV garners an astounding number of orders, signaling a seismic shift in consumer interest.

  • Electric sedan draws nearly 90,000 orders within 24 hours of launch.
  • Interest peaking as test drives surge in popularity across China.
  • Innovative refund policy boosts consumer confidence and order volume.
  • Xiaomi's entry into the EV space marks a significant challenge to established players.

The unveiling of a new Tesla rival

In what can only be described as a spectacular entrance into the electric vehicle (EV) arena, Xiaomi has made waves with its first all-electric car, the SU7 sedan. Rivalling the likes of 's Model 3, this newcomer has captured the attention and imagination of consumers at an unprecedented rate. Within just 24 hours following its grand reveal, Xiaomi announced an eye-opening figure of 88,898 orders, showcasing the potential for this vehicle to become a serious contender in the industry.

Groundbreaking pre-order strategy

An interesting approach sets Xiaomi apart from other automakers. Typically, firms gauge consumer interest through non-refundable deposits post-launch. However, Xiaomi has introduced a more flexible pre-order model where customers can place a refundable deposit of $700 (RMB 5,000). Even more intriguing is their offer for customers to request refunds within seven days—this diverges from industry norms and provides an extra layer of reassurance that is resonating with buyers. On the flip side of this policy are the ‘firm orders,' which involve locked-in configurations and signal serious purchasing intent.

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Consumer enthusiasm skyrockets

The allure of getting behind the wheel of the SU7 has led to an average of 90-120 test drive requests per day, per store. This impressive demand indicates that consumers are eager to experience Xiaomi's EV firsthand. Despite such high interest, it appears that very few are having second thoughts—a mere 469 refund requests have been reported as of late March, suggesting strong consumer confidence in their pre-orders.

A strategy paying off for Xiaomi

Xiaomi's entry into the electric car market is not just about launching another vehicle—it's about challenging established norms and pushing boundaries. Their innovative approach to customer engagement and sales is creating a buzz that could redefine expectations for automotive launches in the future. As they continue to receive test drive requests by the hundreds daily, it seems that Xiaomi's gamble is paying off handsomely.

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